Partnership with Safehaven

Our new partner, @SafeHavenio . Safe Haven aims to provide advanced FinTech solutions powered by blockchain and our own patent-pending protocols along with HSM. The purpose of this partnership is, cross marketing and mutual earning strategies.

Looksrare Partnership

We are so pleased to announce that we have a partnership with @LooksRareNFT . We will drop our second #NFT collection on their marketplace. In addition, LooksRare will take place in our metaverse.We will design an office and billboard for LooksRare.

Flokiverse Nft is coming strong

Flokiverse's first NFT Collection will be available in our NFT Marketplace soon.Some of our Holder's will get it free. First NFT Collection is 10 1:1 piece. We are so thrilled to deploy our First NFT Collection to you guys!

Alphaverse New Trailer

We don't know if you noticed, we are listed on an exchange before every game. We will sign a big exchange in honor of Alphaverse and we want you guys to choose it.